Thursday, August 1, 2013

Whats poppin in my brain

I went a little nuts with different new creations today.I did find I am super awesome with miniature ornaments and I feel some inspiration from Kerry Kate's dollies....I'm working on mini clay busts! The first two will be Frankenstein and his Bride.I have both of their forms ready for baking tomorrow but I will have a ton of others soon.

I'm stitching up some medium sized dolls for little ones to customize their own! I'm sewing big white circles on so you can draw your own face! The pattern is different they have regular legs the face and arms will be stitched on ....sweetness!

HALLLOWEEENNN....I am working on paper mobile ornaments and ornament cards and hope to have a bunch for Halloween!!! I made a goblin queen mobile..I just need to laminate and assemble.I'm pretty excited about my NEW stuff.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to post pictures of the work in progress....Off to bed it is midnight after all,coffee in the morning!!!

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