Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bummed way out

I have no tent and no table and I only have enough for one or the other...So I'm on the search for another show to do and it's a bummer that there aren't too many October ones coming up in town.

There is however one coming up I may do...I sure hope they have a spot!!

**.In other news Here are the Molly Polly Dolls! **

This shelf will someday be filled with Molly Polly Dolls!

 I'm liking the arms on this adorable zombie fella.Sort of like he's saying "hug me" in an I want to eat you way.
My list of TO DO's so far before October
1 more Molly Polly Dolls
2 Halloween Checkers
3 Monster packs of zombies, vampires and skeletons for kiddos and collectors to play with and maybe for some goodie sacks?
Busy time of year for me!

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