Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sometimes I get lost and just plain dumb founded....UPDATE

My calling is and always will be TOYS and I shouldn't even doubt what I'm doing just arrange things a bit differently.

I have a NEW cool, fun thing I started making...

You Pick the Face!

I am in love with this idea...mostly because I adore making these faces. I really think it's a fun idea to get to pick the face you want.

 I've always liked this body style, simple and unique and fun....of course it's silly but the thing is they look cool. My little felt pals will have white felt arms sewn on too..... Different colors to chose from as well.

 This is my example felt pal, Seth. His face isn't sewn on but he would look great with a green bod! You will get to pick the felt color body and the face. I have more faces to draw which doesn't take long...I'm a doodler! So far I named them Sue, Marie and Sammy and Seth here.
My tiny update...I'll be working on these..
Felt Pals
Halloween Checkers
Miniature Dioramas
Bubble monsters
Of course I LOVE those clay monsters but I believe I had way too many monstrous things going on in one place.

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