Friday, August 2, 2013


Ah ha! I have some head way pics of the new stuff!!!

Frank and his woman Bust set

I am waiting on the paint to dry,I had to borrow my littlest ones seems to be grey but no worries I'll add another coat. SO I'll be grabbing some Apple Barrel paint pots and possibly another pound of white clay which is my favorite to use!

Heres what the dolls or monsters for personalizing will look like...

I went with this silly sweet body because I want to sew the arms and face onto the body.I think the arms will be different color felt and the white face of course for you or your kiddos to doodle a face on.

And my super cool ornament card MOBILE...I actually came up with a paper mobile card so how cool right?

Goblin Queen and her skull birds

I just need to let them dry, then get some string and loop the string through the top and dangle the skull birds down. AWESOME you can hang them any where in the house really. If I can find some pre-drilled wood signs with the holes on the bottom I can make wooden ones and you can hang them on your door...I'll need the outdoor mod podge sealer and I'm set!

Heres the miniature ornament I string attatched yet because I don't have any small enough.... My skeleton love!

It's super tiny,the second is of the house I sealed in but you can't see it too well....I painted everything and drew in the cemetery stones,clouds and fence because I didn't have the paint....I drew a house and decoupaged it into the box...the banner was made from clay and drawn on.I just need to seal it all and add the string on the top so you can hang it up.

That concludes my activities for the moment. The less time consuming one would be the skeleton ornie...The busts give me an idea of interesting cake toppers I may try this weekend.....Ta Ta for now!

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