Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taking my Time

Since I'm revamping my shop I figured I'd take my time and make sure everything looks good and I have all the bells and whistles as well.

So far I have my new dolls on the way... I need more felt so I can just load up on them and get the faces ready for stitching on.

I recently joined this amazingly wonderful group

The Buffalo Etsy Team


I love that they take the time to meet up and they rent a super cool bakery! Loads of sweet people for team leaders too! I have high hopes for the team and being a part of it!

Right now I'm creating some fun tags that have my shop information on it. I also need to get my new shop cards made as soon as I can!

I'm saving my pennies for a crafters tent and a crafters table so I'm ready for some Street Festivals! Now the tent is not so affordable right now but the table would make an excellent birthday gift this November for myself. There could be a way to find a discount price on the tent or I could wait for tax season.

My newest drawing I made for a sweet spunky woman across the street from me

She has a cool and and a cup of coffee!

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