Friday, June 21, 2013


Still no camera card ,but I did finish my one scene box that folds open and shut.It's pretty cool since the part that folds looks like a hallway when it's folded down. I'm still trying to get the glue and magnets to work together for the tin sets.I don't get why their not working now since the first two are still glued and working well.

I re-sanded the bottoms of the monsters and re-glued them and this morning their in tip top shape and seem to be fine.I also made these adorable monsters that go in a mini café and I'll be testing them with the magnets to see how long it takes for the magnets to come off again or not come off at all! Lets hope it's not at all.

I'm going to finish more bubble monsters and mystery ones too....I should get more things stitched as well.I was thinking while awaiting my husband's return from Walmart with our two sleeping beasts (boys haha) I should put a sewing kit and some fabric scraps in my little doodle bag I have in my larger bag so I could sew some stuff while waiting....Neato I know!

Hopefully soon I shall have more items to show etsy sale bombed as I figured it no new items will get listed until I can pay the bill......but with my upcoming show I should make enough cash to do just that!

Another update another day!

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