Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Update

A memory card was ordered thanks to my super awesome husband! It may be here within the week,I am really hoping since I have a ton of coolness to show you all!

I have a cool scene box that folds done (the side needs a side view done) and it is the first to have an actual hallway!

In the Works
A Halloween Diner , with two witch owners. I'm using a hinged tin, there will be three two tables and two one seat tables and the tin will resemble the inside of a Diner. So far everything is baked I'd like to paint the seats yes seats! I'm creating Diner seats too and since everything will be magnetic it will keep the monsters on the chairs.

I'm so excited to bring the new tins out into my shop.... I re-glued the monsters and the glue is holding well so far...I made myself a monster town set to carry around to test the longevity of the glue holding the magnets.

The older tins that were "hill" ones are still in perfect condition...and I'm sure I used the same glue soooo that means I must not have sanded enough which is needed to create a surface for the magnets to attach to and stick better.

So far Done
Magnetic Vampire and black cat family, their mini cemetery,one tree, their home is almost done.The tin's scene of a cemetery is too.

Magnetic bunny monsters,their apple trees and their sweet forest background tin.

So things are being shaped in time for the big garage sale craft show next month!

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