Sunday, June 9, 2013

Magnetic Update

Alrighty folks! My magnets came and now I am waiting on the tin for my bunny monsters to dry. I had a slight tiny mishap with a tree and monster ...the magnets came off so I scraped the glue off and sanded their bottoms again to re-do the gluing!

Apple tree being re-glued.

Pappa vampire being re-glued

 My magnets!!!! all 500 of them.
I'm loving the county Forest scene I made for the bunnies....their little home is going to be like a cottage too.Super cute!!
 Here are the cute bunnies and their one apple tree.The bottom has flowers in the grass too!

I have a Siamese zombie twin pendant and bubblegum one ready to go on some ribbon cords!
Lots of stuff to finish yay! Hopefully by next weekend everything will be listed.

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