Saturday, June 29, 2013

Around the craft room

Soooo I've been busy in my little craft corner and made some humans for my Monstrous Baubles world...their pretty darn cute!

Two boys and two girls..... I'm making more I believe of maybe a small human village that moved to the monster world.....then some half humans running around!

I also made my dad a cute keychain

Very cool....I also made some clay pendants that are way cool...I should have those on here later.
I have some really neato coasters too...I made these I think like two years ago,I started using them in the craft room for my I guess I'm testing them again and they rock!

Frankenstein and a yetti
Silly troll
I have The bride for Frankie too but I lost her,will find her soon though! Sooo these I might make more of because their rad.

 TA DA! My mini corner of fun stuff around my craft room....yeah I like showing it off....the little face cup was given to my from a friend and I LOVE it! it's a vintage Cambell soup kid cup bowl it a lot! it's twin is in the kitchen and I eat icecream from it in style!
That concludes my entry!

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