Friday, June 14, 2013

Major Bummer

Of course my luck is turned around again,my camera isn't working! I am so close to finished with the new magnetic tin sets too.

So far all I need to do is get the little paper mache box homes done...I started to do the vampire and cat family's and it looks way cool....the bunnies are getting a cottage feeling house.This weekend I should have these done and listed if my camera isn't a jerk!

These cuties were sent out for a trade in return I get some adorable bat hairclips!

These are so adorable and full of sweet punk gothness! If you would
like some of these as well check out Katrina's shop she has some amazing and adorable clay sculpts too!!! My favorite is the sweet octopus with ice cream!
My son cleaned me out of fabric dolls,so now there is no listed ones he refused to give them back because he wanted them.I will have the mini felt monsters up as long as he doesn't see them haha! I'm sure I can make a deal next time but if either of my boys are that interested in my plushies then they can have them!

Edgar!!! Well that's all for now folks, maybe more this weekend for you!

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