Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I'm still working on a scene box....all thats needed now is the bathroom and kitchen doodles and the entire thing needs sealed and it's done! I have the lovely Sue modeling...she's my vampire pal in the craft room.....

Backyard Garden scene

Side view of the house

Front view of the house


Close up of the inside

Velcro closure
I really love making these even though it does take me awhile to finish them,they look awesome!
In progress we have a few monster pendants
Drying best friends duo and bubblegum kitten.

 Monster in waiting to be doodled on!

Cute nerd gnome ready to be listed.

Vampire pendant I'm showing off today!
I also have magnets in the works,I made a set already but want to make more before I list them...
The one on the bottom is a werecat girl.....I have a zombie too...more coming!!!
And thats the update!

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