Thursday, June 27, 2013

NEWWWWW stuff!!!

I got my memory card yesterday and now here are the NEW awesome things I've been working on!!

My magnetic black cat and vampire family set,they have their own mini cemetery too!

Doodled scenery on the inside!!!!

This is the cover doodle on the lids.

The sweet bunny monster couple on their cool apple orchard.I still need to add their home and lid doodle.

In progress is the awesome Halloween Diner...these are the witches that will own the Diner.You will get two 2 chair tables and one chair table.

Heres the witches having their famous pumpkin brew.

The AWESOME scene box that folds!

You fold downwards and pull the top upright.

Open that box up and you have a hallway that leads into a cool gnome home!

Monster Town

I have loads done and a bit to finish.I'm working on more necklaces and they will be in a store in town for all to look upon! Yay!!! Another update later on!

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