Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sweeeettt news to tell!!! I have come up with a magnetic toy set design for my monsters!!!

I took an altoid sized tin and glued green felt (aleenes all purpose glue) to the top and bottom of the outside.......When you open the tin up and lat it flat it creates a mountain look.

The magnets I was using weren't strong enough,but I'm getting some of the super strong silver earth ones this weekend.And what I'll do is take three trees add a magnet to the bottom of them,one small 1" paper mache box put a magnet to it....and they will stick any where on the tin! I may add magnets to the monsters but I'm not sure makes sense though then they won't fall off either so I suppose I will....

Here are some pictures from me playing around with my idea yesterday.

 The house shown wouldn't really come
                          in the pack since it's not a Spooky City style,but this is the idea!

 Upclose,cutie skeleton couple!

 Sky View...ha!
  And everything fits inside and is safe!
Which brings me to the cool idea of decoupaging the monster information and directions to the inside so they don't get lost! This tin is the best for many reasons...
1.Pocket Size
4.It keeps the entire play set safe!
Whats left to get...
1.More hinged tins
2.Paper mache boxes
Everything else I have.....pretty cool I think,these are excellent for the car trips or any where really since all the pieces will stick and not just fall off!!!! So when your off driving to your familys house and the kids are in the back yelling they dropped something you now can rest and not worry because that won't happen with these!!!! Way cool.I'm pretty excited!

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