Thursday, March 14, 2013

In need of Glue

Sooo....I am now testing the srength of my Aleene's glue with the hold on the strong magnets and how long it will last when you take the monsters,trees and homes on and off the tin.

So far it seems well....but I'm worried about long term....and I searched on etsy's supplies and seen RHINO glue! And so then I looked it up on yahoo search and read from the Rhino Glue website and this glue sounds like a miracle! But the price isn't cutting it for this week. I'm hoping it's in Michaels so I can pick some up with a coupon. My tin purchase is on hold for now,I'm trying to find the best deal(or I should say my husband is). If there is a more reasonable price for a larger lot of tins then the price on my set will go down in turn making me smile!

Monstrous Baubles will always be morphing and growing.I have a million ideas so I'd expect it!

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