Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awesome looking stuff!

I made a cute table goes on top of a bottle cap and looks like a real table! I have an example of the neat scene boxes I'll be doing soon.This is a cemetery scene I painted for my oldest has small tombs glued inside which looks rad.

The skeleton bunnies are finished,and they have some friends the witch sisters! I'll be listing them in their own set soon.

Close up on the sweet tea and coffee set,theres two cupcakes too!
I'll probablly have two table tops you can switch in and out for different times....

You can see the background pretty good here...I hand painted it into the box but I'm not sure if they'll all have that or not.....maybe.

Not done,but cool,...this is the Witch's tea party table top! Tea pot,cups,cupcakes,spell books and a crystal ball...very cool I think.
Comments are welcome,I'd love feedback on the scene box and table top ideas!

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