Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hey there folks! It's been awhile since I posted  anything....I have two sets of Skelebunnies up and am thinking of having an Easter sale. Maybe free shipping? We'll see...

It feels like Spring today...I seen some sweet finches and silly pigeons at the bus stop with my kids and on the walk back to the house a large flock of geese were flying back,YES! It's a small teeny tiny sign of Spring.

My adorable fun Monstrous baubles plushies are on hold for a bit,I ran out of fabric markers and polyfil grrr! Of course after I got my new fabric that would happen.....but I'll pick up new colorful thread too !

Next up for the plushies would be a vampire and cat....Next some skelebunnies in plush form perhaps or some fun Spring monsters for an upcoming show I have.....Some bright silly rabbits !



 Anna and Douglas
Herald and Louanne

Monstrous Baubles plushie
 Edgar , Monstrous Baubles plushi
I love Edgar!!! but I really love all my monster babies.I should have a finished second zine out this weekend!

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