Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pricing is painful

The set is super awesome but to price them it's hard! My price for the effort is 18.00 but for supplies it certainly sky rockets up there.....I'm going to just hope these sell and make back my money so I can keep it low even if it's a low cut....I want people to be able to buy these not just look and wish.

The set is finished my kids liked it....I'll be testing it further too.Check it out!

I think four is a crowd..

Perhaps my sets will come with two monsters...but the cool thing is if you start collecting more sets they can sit next to each other and be neighbors! I have some cotton candy creations in mind for a Cotton Candy Farm set...I will have seperate boxes in a pack with two monsters you can pick out and add them to your sets.
Also whats neat is a coffee party blanket I made from paper I might work on to have in sets too so they can have picnics and sit outside and have a swimming pool made from paper!!!
Pretty neato...I'll take the paper pool,picnic,tea set,etc and glue it to flat magnets and seal them with microglaze wax~! Sweetles I know man! Super stoked......More to come soon!

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