Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I was cleaning as usual and a tiny epihany hit my brain! The little picnic themed sets will go with the non-magnetic ones....I made a bunch of circles from clay that will soon be drawn to look like a table set for tea time,coffee picnic....and even a witch's tea time too!

Clay flat circles...

Example of a Monstrous picnic! The finished coffee or tea doodle is what the clay ones will look like.Very fun and perfect for the warm weather ahead!Maybe these need a scene box?? I did have that idea before as well....the white pencil boxes I used for the larger sets are perfect to create an outdoor scene....they could house  a few mini theme packs!
Something like this but with maybe a scene of a park and Monster Town or Spooky City or in between since these are the cute skelebunnies seen pincicing...they too need finished.
This would be rad....picture maybe three sets of your monster packs picnicing at the Flower Fields! Sweet right? Yeah I think I'll start some scene boxes for the non-magnetic sets so when you buy all those monster packs...they can have a place to be stored and play!

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