Friday, March 1, 2013

Monstrous Baubles in Plush form

I have done it! I made some super adorable,fun and huggable fabric dolls of my monsters!!

First I made a Gnome,Bethany

Then came Alan! A Gumdrop monster

I love how these look and they make me happy to see them finished and in great playing conditions!
I should have more up soon...I get new fabric tonight and man will I go flippy when I see how much there is to pick from at Jo Ann's!!!!! Super excited,I may make a cupcake monster,she'll have a felt bottom to be the wrapper. I really want icecream fabric I hope I find a deal on some.

It would also be cool to find some rainbow and sparkle fabric! Super excited about these cuties! I'm getting red black and orange fabric too so I can work on my Halloweenie monsters as well!!!

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