Sunday, October 21, 2012

Plushie kid

This is one of the newer designs I came up with for the plush monsters...

She's so darn cute....I want to make more but I'm still broke! haha.....She's 4" tall I believe.I think she needs a little purse or something....I might be able to come up with one? I have felt and ribbon so when I have more craft time next weekend I'll work on one.I still need my metal squares! I think I'll name her Marigold.

And Halloween is in TWO mondays thats NEXT monday peoples! So I have trick or treat monsters for 30 some kids to get into some goodie bags and I need their candy! AHHHhhhh it sneaks up so fast!! We put our skeleton lights in the window ,maybe we should just do a window display every year? It's an idea.....

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