Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am a Boggled woman

I'm having an artist's crisis I think! So today I was playing monsters with my son with my monsters and I noticed if you rub the face a bit much it smears.SO the problem in this may be the batch o clay I got or the clay didn't seal well enough.

I really love my clay monsters...on the other hand I want to make plush monstrous Baubles too.I even have a design I love.....I think maybe I should work on both.If I do well at the show I may get some new white clay from Michaels and see if thats the problem and pick up different cotton fabrics to work with as well.

These are some plushies I had made before....their all really cute and super fun and perfect for playing with......The green punk like troll was a custom made one and he's still played with and loved!

I would love feedback on the idea to continue sewing smaller plush monstrous baubles and baking up come collector monsters.Feedback please!

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