Saturday, October 13, 2012

A bug in my eye

So yesterday I found out theres a law that says I can't make toys.In finding this out I am re-listing some monsters and coming up with more ideas.....these little guys will be AWESOME collector items and you can collect a whole bunch!!

This is the law stating there are no toys allowed to be handmade

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.....Due to lead found in toys in shops there was a law passed that no one is allowed to sell and make these toys unless they pay 100.00 or more to have each and every one tested.....A complete and total sad report on the behalf of my toys BUT now are Collectors and can still be bought to marvel and wonder at on top of a shelf....I will be taking my monsters down to re-list them as collector items...So please be patient thanks....

I have a few sets already in the making....

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