Thursday, October 25, 2012

mindless Babbles

I have come to the conclusion that I am just in need of keeping my hands busy with crafts.I don't really like sewing as much as I LOVE to work with clay.....I just want to be able to sew but I don't believe I really can.But it will always be something I do on and off as a tiny hobby.

Using the sewing machine may take me a lot longer that I'd like....I lost the manual and now have to download one and my pedal is missing.

But this weekend I will have my new clay ,metal squares and hopefully the magnets I need.

I have been thinking of different monster sizes,,,1/16s of an inch ,1" and 11/2" the box sizes will be bigger....but for now I'm sticking with the size I'm using.....Some people think how small the monsters are and don't know of the Squinkies and the smaller ones that are in stores.My monsters are the same size.

Well that concludes my babble of the morning.

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