Saturday, April 27, 2013


So I have a lot going on in my head.Usually it's a gigantic party going on upstairs but I need to tame it down......Today I really want to get at least one scene box done. I already got a handful of bubble monsters done and ready to be listed.I'm working on my singular monsters too.

I was greatly inspired by this cool shop this morning

I LOVE these finger puppets,tons of detail for such a small puppet and with felt! I admire you Cheryl.

So I'll be listing more one monster listings incase you only want one. Oh man waiting for my memory card is horrible...I so want to show of my bubble monsters! They looks SWEEET inside like please buy me friend!

I want to make more scrap dollies but I'm afraid I don't have much felt and my kids have an order in for some chompies(little buggers from Skylanders) and I need to fill that first!

Ohhh dear well we'll see what happens today.

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