Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No camera

A major bummer .... my camera has been broken the last three days!! I haven't been able to list anything new so I'm bummed,but I can tell you about the cool dollhouse I got finally yay!!! I started drawing rooms which was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

it's not too big,it has larger rooms...I just measured with my white paper and cut on the folds where the rooms folded and so far I have the outline for the entryway of the house,the kitchen and the doorway into the Living room.I was working on it last night but was falling asleep at the computer so I took a break away.....I think this will be a weekend treat! The coolest Halloween Dollhouse ever!

I have white pencil boxes now and brand new clay...so I made a bunch of new monsters.I had an awesome idea after my boys came home from Dollar Tree with their dad (bubble gum machine ninjas).You always get those bubbles that hold the toys,well they had smaller ones and I put  a monster inside which gave me the cool idea of Bubble Monsters , you get one monster with two small information sheets on them and caring for them. I have 6 bubbles for now and 9 monsters for them...so I need three more but I do remember a shot on etsy that sells those.

This weekend I should be starting on the scene boxes.I might make a Spring time one with large flowers and tea!

I also found a Flea Market in town to set up and sell some monsters! Super excited it'll be fun.The bubble monsters are going to be $2.00 each so that means my bubble gum kittens are now $1.00 each.OH yeah I did come up with single monster sets...you get one monster and a small paper mache home those are $5.00 each I need to make sure I have a good handful of prices for everyones budget! but I do also need to make money for supplies.

~Item Prices~
Bubble Monsters $2.00 each
Bubblegum Kittens $1.00 each
Single Monsters  $5.00 each
Individual Monsters $5.00 each
Monster Packs starting at $10.00 each
Theme Packs starting at $14.00 each and up depending on the Theme
Scene Boxes $10.00
Monstrous Plush $15.00 each
Magnetic Sets $30.00
Keychains and magnets $4.00
Mystery Tins $6.00 each

I believe these are pretty darn good prices.
I hope to be adding new entries with new photos soon!

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