Friday, April 26, 2013

Short story ideas Story #1 The Candy Forest

The Adventures of  Moramixy and Henry

Outside the birds are singing their sweet music of the morning.
Moramixy is waking up out of a cozy bed and getting dressed for the day.

"Were off to the Candy Forest for a fun picnic" she said to her Bubblegum
cat Henry. Uncurling from his warm spot by the bay window of the house
Henry got up stretched and walked over to Moramixy,where she stood getting their yummy snacks for the picnic ready.

"Oh sounds great! I've been wanting to pick some cotton candy! Henry replied.
Henry grabbed a few berry cakes from the counter and threw them into the picnic basket.

Moramixy and Henry got their picnic basket and started out the door."It's such a lovely day!" Moramixy said to Henry as they walked down the steps from the porch."I love a sunny afternoon with the sweet smell of the tall Tulip trees flowing in the air and the gummi bears picking the gumballs from the gumball bushes." Henry and Moramixy live in the Flower Fields which are right next to the Candy Forest making it a fantastic place to live!

"I wonder how the Cotton Candy Trees are since we had such high winds last night" Moramixy said looking a tad concerned."I'm sure their fine, Cherry and Ms.Lily Sprinkles are always down the road to check in on the trees for Pistachio and Hazel" Henry was saying to Moramixy to cheer her up!

Henry and Moramixy lay their fluffy polka dotted blanket down on the minty grass and sit down next to their delicious picnic basket. "Ok we have peanutbutter and jelly sandwhiches,banana chips,strawberries and cheese crackers,and of course berry cakes!" Moramixy said as she took the snacks out from the picnic basket."Yummy yum yum!!" Henry said as he licked  his sharp fangs.

After they ate their lunch,Moramixy and Henry gathered everything up and put it back into the basket then they picked the blanket up and put it in too. "Alright off to the cotton candy trees!" Henry said with some excitement in his voice. They walked up the minty hills of green and came to a beautiful forest of Cotton Candy Trees,purple pink and brown.The scent was so lucious Henry started to drool.

"Oh,this one looks pefect" Henry said as he walked towards a short medium sized tree full of yummy pink cotton candy limbs."I guess you were right,the trees are fine" Moramixy said walking up to Henry and the short medium tree. "Of course they are" yelled over Ms.Lily Sprinkles. With a smile upon her adorable cupcake face,Ms. Lily Sprinkles and her cat Cherry came walking over carrying a basket of cotton candy tree seeds."Hello,hello!" said Moramixy and Henry."Were so glad we got to bump into you! we came up to enjoy the Forest." I see the Gummi bears are loving this sunny day" Henry said looking over at them." I think they could use a bit of shade,they've been working all morning to get the bubblegum in for the year." Ms.Lily Sprinkles said to Henry and Moramixy.

"Oh my,I do hope they get a break" Moramixy said.As they all walked back towards the gumdrop cobble trail,the Gummi Bears put their gumball filled baskets down to sit and sip some lemon water.

" It's be a lovely time chatting with you but we must be off,Henry and I have gotten a bunch of cotton candy and are to be ready for tomorrows Gumball Danceathon in Monster Town." A big celebration to welcome in the new year. "Very good,I should see you both tomorrow then" said Ms.Lily Sprinkles to Moramixy and Henry."Yes you will Ms.Lily" they both said at the same time as they started off the back way home on the gumdrop cobble path.

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