Friday, April 26, 2013

My coolpix camera has arrived

So I got the coolest camera yesterday,but my memory card doesn't work with this soooo now I'm waiting on a memory card.

But in other news...I have four more bubbles from the gumball machine yeah! So more monsters.I have three Bubble monsters ready to go ....werecat,gumdrop,and cat monsters.All are super cute and fun.

This weekend I'll be working on my Halloween house and hopefully a new memory card.Maybe walmart has a deal? I'm pretty excited about the tattoo I'll be getting next weekend!!! My sis and her family are coming up and it's going to rock.....And the week after I got the Flea Market in town to do and I'm just way stoked! I have about 100 monstrous items to sell and I hope I get them all sold to happy monster homes.

(Scene boxes soon!)

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