Sunday, May 26, 2013

Magnetic Update

Heres the looks of the new magnetic sets...

 My first family.sweet twins!Vampire and cats living in Spooky City's smaller cemetery

Background view....I drew that earlier today.

The next tin to be made...Cotton Candy Farm
I'm thinking of drawing it over since theres not much of a background....but it's still cute.

 The Pumpkin farm is also in the works,again more is needed in the back!
This is what the outside lid will look like on them.
I just need my magnets which will be here in a week or two (ahhhh!) but since I'm getting 500 for the low price of 8 bucks I'm happy to wait! Plus I'll have the tins ready anyway.I have some gnomes for The Flower Fields as well.Pretty darn neato.

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