Monday, February 25, 2013

My messy crafting space and some neat stuff

Today has been moving fast! I must finish cleaning my craft space though!

I'm trying to stitch a new doll...and I wanted to much to make a big fabric doll but I came up with a smaller one which reminds me of Barbies,but way cooler!

This is my practice scrap doll,she was made from some scraps sitting around and she turned out so cute.

She's so freaking sweet!!! I love the face...I suppose thats whats so great about my dolls their faces are so unique and lively with a bit of charm. I need to think of a good name......Maybe we could have a contest?? I do know that this is what I'll be listing soon maybe in time for easter..."Scrap Dollies" .Their not perfect but their fun and small,and super adorable! You could put them in your dollhouse too! AH HA! her name will be April....she'll have friends too,maybe I can get her some monster pets.

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