Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hand Stitching a fabric doll

I admit I love to hand sew.I have tried to stay away but it's addictive and I enjoy it!

I am taking me time and creating some one of a kind fabric doll monsters and kids.....I started to work on a kitty girl.She is made from all white muslin cotton accept her legs which will be neon pink and black leopard print,also muslin fabric.

She's looking good so far...No name picked yet since she's not done.......

                                         Arms all stitched and stuffed!
                                            Legs will be stitched and stuffed tomorrow.
                                 The body is ready for stitching soon......She's going to be at least 15" tall and 5" wide! I am hoping she is loved by someone like I love making her!!! I'm taking my time with these so they look adorable! 

Thats the only problem with hand sewing,it takes longer but once your done you adore your creation a little more!

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