Monday, February 25, 2013

Fabric Doll

Once again I am attempting a whimsical doll.......So far so good.I did a tiny one (scrap doll) and she's adorable! The only problem was I went to stitch her arms and legs on first to the back side.....the only bad thing is you can see that I did.SO what I should have done was doubled up the fabric.

So for the bigger one I'm working on this will not happen...I will double up the fabric and make sure the stitchings are hidden. Arms and legs are being sewn up first....I have some white fabric to use for those.

I really hope to achieve this some day....

These amazingly sweet dolls were made by Tashi should probablly go and stare at her many cute dolls! I actually hope that you do!!

Mine won't have hair like these ...the same drawn on faces will be,I need my white muslin fabric and I'll be set! Believe it or not I will go to Walmart and hit that one buck section....I'm still loving the fabrics I picked up about two months ago!!

Sooo.....perhaps you will see something like these sweet dolls in my shop some day,for now I am practicing.

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