Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some recent Changes

Since I'm on vacation I had time to go over my prices,and I raised them a little and I think it's better this way. My work is unique and just different and I shouldn't be low balling my work.

New Prices
Monster Pack of two


Mini Community

Individual Monster

Single Home

I made my first Message Monster necklace over the weekend! I made myself a werewolf and he has a sign that says "Arrr" on it and I love it! So I decided to add necklaces onto the new stuff. Single homes will be up in Spring to.

So I guess be expecting Cartooniecatdoodles open around Spring. My ebay is still in the works so hopefully Spring I'll be back open.


  1. Do you have a pricing rubric? It might help you to get one to help evaluate your time/cost/overhead etc.

  2. Oh hey thaks Katie! thats very helpful!!