Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cool Idea

I think I figured out the ultimate way to store away my monster sets and playmats ....These cool totes

If I can get these made custom,I can have a little print of Monstrous baubles world and on the back my little logo. I need at least ten but I have a low budget so maybe 4 for now. I can put a velcro dot on the inside too so you can close it up!!

I'm wanting to make playmats seperately too...this way you can pick out an awesome mat with a different piece of land and part of Monstrous Baubles World.......Such as Monster Town,Flower Fields,Spooky City and Tinsel Mountains.

The larger sets of the shops and Mall can be the storage unit....It would be cool to make plush ones too some how with a handle so you can carry it around as well.

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