Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finished Work

Lots have been done! I have five new listings up and my checkers game is the coolest so far!
I made a mini 4" by 4" playmat I just put some flowers on felt and it looks awesome!

I took a trip to A.C.Moore and man it was terrible they didn't have any of the things I needed....such as my white pencil boxes or the clay I even use...I didn't find it but I did luck out and find the felt checkers board I needed.

There they all are,12 orange and 12 puple! Super cool and my soft felt checkers board.

The new playmat it's simple but boy is it cute! I love this little set.
And heres how your Monstrous Community would look if you had a few collected already as soon as I get more shops up,Or this could very well be a large community set to get if you want an entire play set!
I suppose bigger mats will be coming too so they can go along with a larger set.
I'm so happy with how it looks and I'm happy with the tins because they will last longer with the monsters!The pencil boxes I choose to use are strong because my boys' have stood on them and they didn't came in (not that your suppose to) and I myself stepped on one by accident and they stand strong!! For this set you couldn't use a mini tote so I may get bigger ones and I can pick them up at Michaels!
And this is the first of my theme pack!
I am so happy with this set it's adorable! And you can put it up on display for Halloween or just let your little ones play with them.
Soon to come
The Flower Fields theme pack
Larger playmats

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