Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Toons

Today I am featuring this lovely creature that looks like a toon come to life to me!
Everyone meet Keppy the beaslie!
A cute happy little monsrous beast! and he's purple! Come in and visit his friends too find them all here... www.beastlies.etsy.com

And second I have found one talented artist who makes interesting toonish sketches and keychains and purses.She's got spunk! Heres an awesome keychain featuring a punk rock sci-fi gal...who reminds me a lot of Tank Girl!
Want more check her work out here...

And Third...Are you looking for some great character? Heres an amazing wood carving done by my friend Harper's Grandfather! Looks amazing and is definetly a toonish thing!

Find her here

I hope you enjoy your toons!

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  1. Love these photos. Great talent on etsy!!!