Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Magic!

Heres some amazing magical shops I think you ought to check out!
First we have a beautiful aceo with a gorgeous woman who appears to be a fairy and is entitled "Spring Moon"

Find more of her art here

Second we have a cute little cat fairie "the bubble Fairy Kitten" would be perfect in your bathroom to make it more magical! Or in a favorite room. Find her work here

And Third Some beautiful Christmas Cards of original art by Meredith Dillman! These are perfect to send to family and friends....find her work here

And Lastly some magical tree spirits! A swirl of beauty.Great colors contrasting this is my favorite by far!!! Love like no other... Find more work here

I hope your a float on cloud nine after browsing and dreaming with these four amazing and beautiful artists.


  1. Those Christmas cards are just stunning. Thanks for sharing these wonderful shops!!!

  2. Wow! Thanks for pointing out all the beautiful work you've discovered. Love the Tree Spirits and cards.

  3. No problemo folks I got plenty more!