Monday, July 29, 2013

Time to move on

My monsters are my dearest babies,I fear I've made way too many! I am downsizing and cutting prices! I bombed with a bang at our craft show....But I did however get to trade a sweet coffee gal for a sweet orange table clothe which is perfect because it's soft and heavy and COTTON!!!! No more plastic for me folks!

I have decided to start making display monsters and ornamental ones.I'd like to get more other work in the mix such as my cool fabric coasters, Halloween and other paper mache boxes and my orginal artwork.  At my next craft show (the ghostlight theatre I'm hoping!) I will have these way cool offers..

Buy two theme packs for ten bucks
Pick your own set for 8 bucks
Load up the bag for 20 bucks...I'll also have my cool customize your own dollie or monster section! I had a lot of time for thinking at my parents ha!

I think I should do well at this show but I'd really like to squeeze in one before the Fall so I can stock up on some supplies for Halloween.I did love the show at the Pekin Fire hall so I may try and get that show as well...I'm on a budget so we'll see.

Stop in and see the price changes!

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