Monday, July 15, 2013


Back on the wagon and have an even cooler idea! If you can picture (my camera isn't working yet again) WOOD blocks.....large about 6" ones ...

I am going to get a few wood blocks from dad.... these will be a back drop scene.I can decoupage the blocks with different backgrounds like the tins themselves. They will have to be two sided since you may want to change the background at some point while playing! I will make it so you have two of the 6" blocks and they will have a scene that goes from one block to the next.You could have the sweet woodland woods on one side,then a creepy cute cemetery or pumpkin farm on the other side.

The tins I have now will make some really awesome homes and shops. The Witch's Diner is my most favorite since I LOVE coffee and witches....

Now picture behind this set....a scene of Spooky City's great Pumpkin Farm.Sweet right?
I could even work on a Tinsel Mountains scene and create a Christmas theme too if I want.....many many possible things could be drawn because I'm super good at it! Soooo it's not all bad when an idea flops I usually come up with another and this one is probably the better of them.Scene boxes have been bumped because the blocks are way cooler....boxes may be made for Scrap Dollies though because they need homes as well.....All in due time , those are for Winter creating since it takes me a long time to finish the room drawings....I have two little ones running around you know! haha

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