Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Feature!

Hey folks here are some wonderful shops I'm very fond of!

You might not see her poking around on the forums but Tara Fortin is one amazing artist.She does great paintings,skulptures,and mini gifts. Her work is an adorable gothic serenade dancing in my head....

You can find her amazing art here... Go and wonder!!


Are you looking for some sweets? Heres is one heck of a jewlrey maker Indy Grrl productions..making some adorable yummy looking necklaces,rings,braclets and earrings.
You can find her amazing work

I hope you enjoy my Feature this Thursday morning!!!!


  1. Nice feature! Did you know you could insert the pictures directly in the post?

  2. nice feature! I would love it if you included pictures :)

  3. The pics are down towards the bottom..I didn't know how to add them in the post..