Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hello there today is Halloween!!! Off to trick or treat and get some candy.We will endure the cold and windy rain,all in good favor of the joyous Holiday of Hallows Eve.

I will return tonight with some pictures of the trick or treating event.I hope you all enjoy your Halloween and splurge on all the candy possible!!!!!


  1. Have a great time and stay safe! I hope it's not too cold.

  2. did rain when we started but it cleared up and Damien lucked out and got a ton of candy,even a full sized CRUNCH bar!

    And I got some great Anniversary skeleanimals for a gift! Super duperness.On to the next Holiday!

  3. Hope you managed to get piles and piles of candy!! My kids never ate it, just ended up throwing it away in a year.

  4. Thats weird...My son eats too much and were trying to cut him down on the he ate a bunch yesterday since it was the day after Halloween.