Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's been awhile

Hey everyone! I've been busy creating new things....Come and check out the new toys I'm working on.......My "Monstrous Baubles".

I have many,many more to make too!

Ok so heres an update on these Monstrous Baubles.
Their all made from clay,their faces are drawn on and sealed with a special wax called microglaze which is amazing!

Their all super tiny around 1/16s of an inch and some are an inch....(they may remind you of polly pockets) which I was much greatly influenced by since I LOVED them when I was little and still do now.They come in small paper mache box homes I paint these boxes and draw three rooms for the inside.All sealed with the microglaze wax.

There are around 20 some different sets already...I am now working on "scene" boxes. These are the larger box citites,anbd towns.I paint the inside and add felt grass.I picked up some of those awesome deocorate your own pencil boxes and they were only 99 cents each....the lid opens and looks like the ground in these...I'll post update photots soon! I'll be making a large Spook City one soon...

You can get mini Communities which are 8 each set they come with two monsters and one home and felt grass lawns.

And toy get mini Spook City sets as well.....I'll post more later on!

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