Monday, November 1, 2010


Every October I get so excited I make so many different items and I hope I sell them all.Turns out every year I make it all just for it to sit around and not ever sell.....

I have a great love for Autumn with the amazing beautiful colors and I always hope someone enjoys my work enough to collect my Autumn pieces.I have a big Halloween section this year so go check it out everyone!

I'm also on A wonderful site dedicated to fellow Halloweenies.
I'm also on for all who love to swap and trade their items for someone elses.I've done a couple custom pieces too if you look to the side you'll see them.....I'm not too crafty with the web!!

Well maybe I'll do better with my Holiday items? I had one great and fun Halloween this year with my boys so it wasn't all bad and it's my wedding anniversary so I had a great time! peek in now and then folks I might have something you fancy!

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