Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I was thinking the other day and again this morning......I have no time to craft and create anything lately.And I feel a little crowded in my work space........My desk is covered with EVERYTHING...............

I don't feel I have enough time to make the coolest things I want BUT I do think I could work on my sketches and drawings and try to make more bookmarks and stickers.I might not really sell any stickers but I LOVE to draw it's my first love so I believe I will go back to doodling once more for the time being......I am running low on supplies so I will try to sell all my Etsy items and work with the cash from that and if I don't sell online I'll have to do some craft shows and flea markets.And Halloween is coming so I will be doing an Autumn show!!!!

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  1. If my workspace is clutter free, I can work just fine. If it's cluttered, I lose my inspiration!