Saturday, July 24, 2010


We have a plan my husband and I,to save up some cash over the next two to three years to get our DREAM house! So I 'm making myself a check list of our MUST haves.......

BIG yard,big enough to run around in and to maybe add an outdoor grilling spot for John and a cute whimsical garden for myself.
NO construction what so ever to be done,painting no problem.
Three bedroom,one and a half baths because well lets face it,our little boys won't be little for long and we need to be able to go to the bathroom at will....
Sun porch in the back nice and spacious so if we want we can all sit out there and have some cold drinks and some hot coffee and fit all four of us and maybe some friends at the same time!!

Lots of storage!!!!
Thats all I can figure I'd be super happy with in my dream house....I may add on when I need to.

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