Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stupid old house

For those who don't know,me and my husband bought a house five years ago.It never occured to use how OLD it was and how CRAPPY it was...Our house was built in 1905 and has so many things that need repaired....Of course when your about to lose your apartment you don't mind the tile too much because your too stupid to realize how MUCH tile there is.

We had to make the upstairs bedrooms bigger so you could actually fit a bed in both,thankfully the upstairs will be finished this month! AWESOME theres some relief!

Then the Kitchen with all it's rotting cabinetry will be done next year...YAY! And after that we have some major scary remodeling to do in the back of the house with our bathroom and the laundry room...such a mess it is,not to mention WATER DAMAGE...grr
Tons of clutter in each inch of the house do to no upstairs and no STORAGE space.....I don't mean to sound so ungreatful,but after living in this house with it's blank white stained walls you got to let it out some where.

So for all those who think it would be "FUN" to buy a fixer house NEVER think of the word FUN think of the word "HELL" will save so much stress in the long run.

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